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I finally got a proper pull that I was able consider good enough for the next step of King Liger's process. Now that I have a set done, I can move on to the electroplating stage. I know I am not the best at this stuff, but after about a month of trying to get this step right, I feel really good about these right now. If I can play my cards right, there will be another set in due time.

Insert header here

Here's some work I did in oil pastel and pencil for King Liger's header card. I'm also trying out the subtitle, "Lord of Beasts." More to come including updates on the wax. Enjoy!

Molding continued

The 2nd half of the King Liger sculpt has been completed! Next step is going to be the wax dummy phase...

Liger Step 2: Molding

The top half of Liger getting ready for molding.

I added a washer for good measure. I then set up the mold: And Success! Some little bubbles, but luckily these molds will only be for wax dummies and I can fix that. Now to get ready for the next half... To be continued...

Liger vs the World

After doing a bit of analysis, I have decided to move further with King Liger. My hopes and aspirations of making more of myself as a hopeful independent toy maker lies with him. More I work on him, the more I want this to work. I have so many other characters to make after him, but he must come first. Sorry if this comes off as sort of over dramatic, I just want this to happen.  Anyway, here's how he looks so far. His sculpt is basically finished. The task that comes next, however, is the part that I find the most daunting, the wax blank step. I need to make two 2-part RVT molds and I know that This casteline sculpt will not play well with the plasticine that it will be laid in. I've been burned before and lost some works that cannot be salvaged.   I know not many people read this, but if anyone is out there who knows what can be done, PLEASE help me with this step. Anyone. Thank you.

King Liger: King of... Ligers...

Ghoster is still being tended to, but I always have things on the way, like this guy: King Liger. This is a bigger picture project that I am inching my way towards completion. The big picture, a 5-5.5 inch soft vinyl figure with a swivel at the waist. I'm looking to make wrestlers basically in this format. I have been sculpting another guy as well,  we'll see him later. 
For now... King Liger! A masked wrestler hailing from the Gujarat State of India. Hood of King liger has been passed down for generations and every warrior who wore it specialized in a different style of fighting. This is the newest incarnation of his families' lineage and specializes in a Pro Wrestling style. More to come eventually...

The waxening hath begun.

We've been starting the process for rotocast molding with these wax dummies. A few mess-ups on the some of them, but that's easy enough to redo. We'll try and make as many as we can to off set the cost of the molding process. Apologies about the blurry picture, but not for the Spam... Never for the Spam.

More to come.

Ghoster progress report

I have been able to get some pretty good pulls (some trouble shooting here and there, but pretty good). I decided to start doing paint tests on some of the not-so-good ones. For the left one, I just did a dry-brush and wiped it off. The right I did a wash and got more of what I was looking for. I also tried out pupils on the left one. I think I will go with the black outline with red filling instead of just read. Thoughts so far? remember these are just test colors, not final product.

Header card concept

I really wanted to go simple with this Ghoster project. Here is a concept header card I would like to do for this:
More to come...

Ghoster all the way!

There are many hardships people face in life. My family and I have faced a bit of it in the past few months. There are also many good things that people face that will always motivate them to do better. Over the past few years of doing this blog of and randomly posting sculpts of things that I was working on, I kept trying to keep promises to myself and to the very few people who see them. unfortunately, those hardships and major life events that were good things need to always come first. The tough part that I am sure many other people who aspire to make toys deal with is the lousy fact that this is not our first job, if not something you only get to work on once a week or even longer in between.
     I don't expect to separate myself from anybody's situations, but rather to relate to them. I know there are many others out there that have the same dream as I do and want to get projects going to make their dreams reality, but are bogged down by other things both good and …