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enter Daikuma

So the Gruin sculpt is finished, time to show the next figure that is planned for the sofubi minis I'm working on, Daikuma: the bear beast. Here are some pics of him getting ready for tooling along with the Gruin (Apologies if some are a bit blurry):

Here are some close up pics of just Daikuma before some cleanup (again apologies for some blurry pics):

I hope you enjoy it. I do want to let you know that there is still one Twist Kid left in my etsy store. ALSO although Twist kid is no longer available on line at Rotofugi, there is still one available at their physical location in Chicago, so check out their kaiju display for that when you're there. MORE TO COME!!!

One left

Twist Kid has almost reached his end of availability. He is officially sold out at Rotofugi and I have one left at the etsy store. Here is the link to get the last one!

This is a bit of another chapter closing on my to projects thus far, but I do want to let you know that there are a couple other projects I am currently working on. Please stay tuned...

I ask for your help!

So it turns out, I really suck at molding and casting.  :(
I open the floor to you guys out there before I wast more money on myself trying to do this and failing miserably. I'm probably going to have to make another mold or hire-up someone to do it for me. also any recommendations on better materials to use would be great. Currently, I have been using the stuff from Alumilte, both rubber and resin (the rubber doesn't seem like such a problem, but man I just can't get a break with the resin the have both the fast and clear slow stuff)
there is a divet a the top to create a spot for the magnet to go in. The major problem I am facing is that I just keep getting a shit ton of air in the top of the mold, I am using a pressure chamber as well. I just can't seem to keep the right amount in the mold (the pressure chamber keeps burping it out due to the air in the stuuuff). Give me what you got, don't be cruel.

Getting ready to mold

So the Gruin is getting some finishing touches, and getting ready to mold. Yep.

I only get one free day a week, so it might be a bit of time until the mold and first casts are ready. But don't worry, be keeping all one of you posted for sure ;) 

Going back to the small stuff, with a new direction

So, anyway, I have been getting myself back in the studio to work on what's next. As I mentioned, I will be going back to the smaller figures, with a twist... literally. I am gonna be putting together four characters for the Neo-fighters in this style with an articulation at the waist, with two magnets (perhaps an opportunity for mix-n-match). The first sculpt is The Gruin (he needed this... we all needed this... okay maybe just me...). Well, here is the first look at the figure so far:

Obvious news, but some hope

So I didn't post about it yet, but it was pretty obvious, the Kickstarter didn't go through ... It's okay though, there was a lot that I took away from it, along with some helpful advice for next time around, yes next time around. Not the same project, but similar... slightly different direction. So to those who supported be it through actually backing, spreading the word via social media and blogs, the willingness to help with providing rewards for backing, or just providing sound advice, thank you most sincerely.

The Gruin Kick starter has begun!

After several months of planning and sculpting, I am proud to say that I have just released a Kick Starter to raise funds to turn one of my characters, The Gruin, into a Kaiju sofubi toy!

I am working in association with Luke Rook (Grody Shogun) and Lulubell Toy Bodega in the production of this figure anyway, here is the link to the Kick Starter: Support if you can, and PLEASE spread the word!

Price Drop for Twist Kid at Rotofugi!

Yes, Now you can get Twist Kid at Rotofugi for just $10.00! Catch him while supplies last!

Now I know I haven't been saying much on here since I brought Twist Kid into the world, This last year was a big year for me (Got married and went on a honeymoon). So I wasn't able to do a lot of Toy stuff.
yah... It went well...
But be assured, I have been working hard on something big!
 If the cards are properly played, My major announcement will be coming sometime in February. All i can show you for now is this: