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Back in business

Hey all! So I've been able to get in touch with Amy over at Lulubell toys and able to provide more updates as Lulubell's Japanese base was still recovering from the fire last year. Amy was able to touch base with me this week with some great news! They've been able to start getting back on track out in Japan. This means that King Liger's process is back in gear!  The first step (The wax) should be finished by the end of May, or there abouts. After this, the creation of the mold will be under way. It will most likely be about 4 months until the mold is officially finished and the actual production of figures can finally begin.  Just note that the molding step may be a bit longer, and will depend on the work load of the factory. It may also be a bit harder to keep you all updated until the mold is officially back in had at Lulubell.  I want to thank you all for being patient during this time. The fire was a setback, but it certainly did not stop us! I also want to thank…