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More Sprites

Here are all the stretch goal sprites: (from left to right) King Liger, Daikuma, David, Grackus, The Gruin, Magtut, Romanov, Rose Pierre, Shockrah, Dr. Silverado, M. Stangdaalyn, Twist Kid, and Honey Boy.

The Kickstarter is getting closer and closer to getting started. There have been some life events that have pushed it back such as having a child (a very welcomed, one mind you), but things are definitely ramping up for this spring to hopefully get things going. I'll be keeping you posed...

T-shirt reward plan

I had been racking my brain about what would be the best idea for a T-shirt reward would be. I didn't want to get too complicated, but I didn't want to be too simple. I then remembered The look that Shinsuke Nakamura has for his King of Strong Style design.

I know it's been parodied before, but enough so that it would be hopefully welcomed one more time.
So, here is what is planned for King Liger:
Let me know what you think...