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Twist Kid now available at Rotofugi!

It has finally happened! you can now purchase Twist Kid at Rotofugi. So if you like buying from there like I do, or you happen to be in the Chicago-land area, check 'em out! here's the link:
Photo by Kirby Kerr there are still some Twist Kids still available directly through me at my etsy page aswell:
I have plans for three other guys to join Twist Kid in a Kickstarter Project so, I do hope that you have as much interest in that as I do. I will be revealing those guys in a little while. in the mean time enjoy these great one-of-a-kind Twist Kids while you can! A big thanks to Kirby and Whitney Kerr for helping me get Twist Kid on the Rotofugi Shelves. Their great folks.

A big thanks for the recent publicity

Just want to take a moment to thank Man-E-toys and Nerd City for their recent publicity on the Neo Fighters. They were able to put in words a good cover of what I'm doing better than I could could ever do for sure :). Thanks guys!
here's their links:
I'll be keeping you posted!

Twist Kid now available online!

You can now buy Twist Kid online at my new ETSY store. Here is the link:

Figure 1: Twist Kid

The first Neo Fighter figure: Twist Kid
Alliance: Good
A renagade alien experiment fused with a human
Here are the figures molded and casted by Marty Hansen: The God Beast
                                             Kinnikuman Flesh
                                                Color Mixes
                                                     Thermo Color Change
                                                Glow in the Dark
The Figures will be dropping at G-fest XIX in Rosemont July 13th-15th. They are slated to be sold online soon. Stay tuned for updates