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I ask for your help!

So it turns out, I really suck at molding and casting.  :(
I open the floor to you guys out there before I wast more money on myself trying to do this and failing miserably. I'm probably going to have to make another mold or hire-up someone to do it for me. also any recommendations on better materials to use would be great. Currently, I have been using the stuff from Alumilte, both rubber and resin (the rubber doesn't seem like such a problem, but man I just can't get a break with the resin the have both the fast and clear slow stuff)
there is a divet a the top to create a spot for the magnet to go in. The major problem I am facing is that I just keep getting a shit ton of air in the top of the mold, I am using a pressure chamber as well. I just can't seem to keep the right amount in the mold (the pressure chamber keeps burping it out due to the air in the stuuuff). Give me what you got, don't be cruel.