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Header card concept

I really wanted to go simple with this Ghoster project. Here is a concept header card I would like to do for this:
More to come...

Ghoster all the way!

There are many hardships people face in life. My family and I have faced a bit of it in the past few months. There are also many good things that people face that will always motivate them to do better. Over the past few years of doing this blog of and randomly posting sculpts of things that I was working on, I kept trying to keep promises to myself and to the very few people who see them. unfortunately, those hardships and major life events that were good things need to always come first. The tough part that I am sure many other people who aspire to make toys deal with is the lousy fact that this is not our first job, if not something you only get to work on once a week or even longer in between.
     I don't expect to separate myself from anybody's situations, but rather to relate to them. I know there are many others out there that have the same dream as I do and want to get projects going to make their dreams reality, but are bogged down by other things both good and …