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Liger vs the World

After doing a bit of analysis, I have decided to move further with King Liger. My hopes and aspirations of making more of myself as a hopeful independent toy maker lies with him. More I work on him, the more I want this to work. I have so many other characters to make after him, but he must come first. Sorry if this comes off as sort of over dramatic, I just want this to happen.  Anyway, here's how he looks so far. His sculpt is basically finished. The task that comes next, however, is the part that I find the most daunting, the wax blank step. I need to make two 2-part RVT molds and I know that This casteline sculpt will not play well with the plasticine that it will be laid in. I've been burned before and lost some works that cannot be salvaged.   I know not many people read this, but if anyone is out there who knows what can be done, PLEASE help me with this step. Anyone. Thank you.