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Progress report: Making it in Sofubi Playlist

So I made the mistake of not posting the progress, so here is the full playlist of the progress videos so far: 


Yes! King Liger is officially funded.

 Now the real work begins. From this point on, I am going to attempt to document the process so people inquiring on what goes into making rotocast tooling. Here's looking to a successful production.

Apologies on the lack of quality. I wanted to do something on the spot.

Kickstarter is go!

The Lord of Beasts: King Liger Kickstarter has officially launched! Please help support my dream and lets make a toy together. Follow the link below to see and back the project. Please also spread the good word by any means possible. Thank you!

It begins at dawn

The Kickstarter was approved, expect the launch tomorrow...

Kickstarter up for review...

Just a heads up that King Liger's Kickstarter is up for review and should be launching any day now. Keep your eyes peeled for a link coming soon.

Ramping up for Kickstarter

So I have been recording video and VO for the video for Kickstarter. It's getting unbearably close to getting started. So stay tuned!

The mold grows

The mold continues to grow!

More Sprites

Here are all the stretch goal sprites: (from left to right) King Liger, Daikuma, David, Grackus, The Gruin, Magtut, Romanov, Rose Pierre, Shockrah, Dr. Silverado, M. Stangdaalyn, Twist Kid, and Honey Boy.

The Kickstarter is getting closer and closer to getting started. There have been some life events that have pushed it back such as having a child (a very welcomed, one mind you), but things are definitely ramping up for this spring to hopefully get things going. I'll be keeping you posed...

T-shirt reward plan

I had been racking my brain about what would be the best idea for a T-shirt reward would be. I didn't want to get too complicated, but I didn't want to be too simple. I then remembered The look that Shinsuke Nakamura has for his King of Strong Style design.

I know it's been parodied before, but enough so that it would be hopefully welcomed one more time.
So, here is what is planned for King Liger:
Let me know what you think...

Mold update

People have been asking and I do have updates on the King Liger mold. So far, this is how the copper has attached. Everything looks pretty good, but I did noticed that there was a line forming across his left side that does concern me as I thought I got all of the mold lines cleaned off. Here's to hoping it's not an issue.

To be continued...


Here are some more sprites that I have been working on for Stretch goals. There is also an update on M. Stangdaalyn's sprite. I have now added Shockrah, Dr. Silverado, Daikuma, and Twist Kid. More to come...

A preview of things to come

Stretch goals are going to be a factor for future success of the King Liger series. I intend to make each one an opportunity to get tooling for another character funded for future production. The first one is going to be M. Stangdaayln, a man with scars... and a checkered past...

Here's a pic of the sculpt and a little sprite I made for the Kickstarter page:

Let me know what you guys think so far!

Electroplating under way...

The title says it all! Were going to let it "cook" for a bit and grow up a nice coat. Hopefully it will turn out alright. I'll keep you posted!

Fun with #Wrestlingmovemonday

I though it would be fun to do a little short with King Liger's prototype as a part of #wrestlingmovemonday from the Podcast, "How2Wrestling," featuring the lovely Kefin Mahon and Joanna Graham. I highly recommend listening to them on Sound Cloud and Itunes:

Project update: The rotocast mold is underway. I'll be posting pics hopefully soon. Meanwhile, enjoy!

They call him: Prototype

I made a resin prototype of King Liger. This is not what the final version will look like and the articulation will be done a an actual joint not with magnets. I also included an over the top size comparison, but just something to remember is that Liger will be about 10% smaller, so that's why I have so many different figures in the pic. Let me know what you think. The kickstarter will hopefully be ready by the beginning of February. I will keep you posted.