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Mold update

People have been asking and I do have updates on the King Liger mold. So far, this is how the copper has attached. Everything looks pretty good, but I did noticed that there was a line forming across his left side that does concern me as I thought I got all of the mold lines cleaned off. Here's to hoping it's not an issue.

To be continued...


Here are some more sprites that I have been working on for Stretch goals. There is also an update on M. Stangdaalyn's sprite. I have now added Shockrah, Dr. Silverado, Daikuma, and Twist Kid. More to come...

A preview of things to come

Stretch goals are going to be a factor for future success of the King Liger series. I intend to make each one an opportunity to get tooling for another character funded for future production. The first one is going to be M. Stangdaayln, a man with scars... and a checkered past...

Here's a pic of the sculpt and a little sprite I made for the Kickstarter page:

Let me know what you guys think so far!