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Electroplating under way...

The title says it all! Were going to let it "cook" for a bit and grow up a nice coat. Hopefully it will turn out alright. I'll keep you posted!

Fun with #Wrestlingmovemonday

I though it would be fun to do a little short with King Liger's prototype as a part of #wrestlingmovemonday from the Podcast, "How2Wrestling," featuring the lovely Kefin Mahon and Joanna Graham. I highly recommend listening to them on Sound Cloud and Itunes:

Project update: The rotocast mold is underway. I'll be posting pics hopefully soon. Meanwhile, enjoy!

They call him: Prototype

I made a resin prototype of King Liger. This is not what the final version will look like and the articulation will be done a an actual joint not with magnets. I also included an over the top size comparison, but just something to remember is that Liger will be about 10% smaller, so that's why I have so many different figures in the pic. Let me know what you think. The kickstarter will hopefully be ready by the beginning of February. I will keep you posted.