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Off to Japan

SO this is a big update. First I did a video update for Kick Starter that covers a major change in direction on the completion:

With this in mind, the original wax sculpt of King Liger made it safely to Luke in Japan and production will be underway in a matter of weeks. I do think this will be a better approach as it was possible my tooling may not have been accepted anyway due to standards that may have been in place. This will also guarantee a more quality product. I'll keep you posted as things develop.
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I have cavities!

The electro-forming step of the mold is complete! Here are the copper cavities after the wax was melted out. The steel plate is nearing its completion as well. To be continued...

Mold nearing completion

The cavities have are finished! Next is the getting the steel frame fabricated. Here is the layout before cutting begins. The whole thing should be done by the end of the month, then it's off to Japan.

Progress report: Making it in Sofubi Playlist

So I made the mistake of not posting the progress, so here is the full playlist of the progress videos so far: 


Yes! King Liger is officially funded.

 Now the real work begins. From this point on, I am going to attempt to document the process so people inquiring on what goes into making rotocast tooling. Here's looking to a successful production.

Apologies on the lack of quality. I wanted to do something on the spot.

Kickstarter is go!

The Lord of Beasts: King Liger Kickstarter has officially launched! Please help support my dream and lets make a toy together. Follow the link below to see and back the project. Please also spread the good word by any means possible. Thank you!

It begins at dawn

The Kickstarter was approved, expect the launch tomorrow...