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Twist Kid now available at Rotofugi!

It has finally happened! you can now purchase Twist Kid at Rotofugi. So if you like buying from there like I do, or you happen to be in the Chicago-land area, check 'em out! here's the link:
Photo by Kirby Kerr there are still some Twist Kids still available directly through me at my etsy page aswell:
I have plans for three other guys to join Twist Kid in a Kickstarter Project so, I do hope that you have as much interest in that as I do. I will be revealing those guys in a little while. in the mean time enjoy these great one-of-a-kind Twist Kids while you can! A big thanks to Kirby and Whitney Kerr for helping me get Twist Kid on the Rotofugi Shelves. Their great folks.


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A bit of Mega-drive fun while we wait

As you recall in one of the previous posts, I made some sprite animations of the potential characters for the King Liger series. While there is no guarantee that they will be made, I thought it would be cool to try a different approach to them in pixel art. I really enjoyed the semi-real look of early Sega Genesis/Megadrive games, so I thought I would give it a go with M.Stangdaalyn. Here are a few that I have done. Enjoy!

Update on King Liger: Currently he is safe in Japan, sitting cue to be made. More on that as it develops. In the mean time, please enjoy this kick line:

I have cavities!

The electro-forming step of the mold is complete! Here are the copper cavities after the wax was melted out. The steel plate is nearing its completion as well. To be continued...

Mold nearing completion

The cavities have are finished! Next is the getting the steel frame fabricated. Here is the layout before cutting begins. The whole thing should be done by the end of the month, then it's off to Japan.